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A Wellness Centered Approach – Smiles for Life

At the office of Susan G. Gross, DDS, we take a unique approach to your dental care. We recognize the role your dental health plays in your overall wellness – and we provide care and information to enhance both. With a comfortable office and welcoming, caring staff you will get the personalized care that’s best for you. You will enjoy the personal touch and exceptional service of a small office, and you can expect experienced advice and sophisticated services to treat big picture problems. Our holistic approach to exceptional oral health allows us to identify and treat the cause of problems; not just fix teeth. Our patients’ overall wellness is enriched through our ability to address a wide array of oral health needs.

Partners in Health

Whether you are interested in cosmetic, restorative or family care, we will work with you as a team to ensure a smile that is noticed for its natural beauty and to enhance your overall health.

Our commitments to you are:

  • A wellness-centered approach to best support your oral and overall health
  • Quality care provided by our highly skilled team using the finest and most advanced techniques
  • Thoroughness, integrity, and honesty in our approach and treatment
  • Empowerment so you have all the information needed to confidently make treatment choices that fit your unique needs
  • Referrals, when indicated, to medical and dental specialists who are in the top of their fields

Smile Stories

There is a clear connection between oral health and a better quality of life. Perhaps the most rewarding part of Dr. Gross’ practice is helping patients experience the positive life changes that an improved smile and well-managed oral health can bring. See how our patients describe their experience with us in their own words.

What You Can Expect

Dr. Gross’ practice philosophy ensures that patients have the unique opportunity to become full partners in the creation of their own personalized oral health care plan. At every visit, Dr. Gross will listen to your concerns and goals for your oral health, review your medical history and evaluate your oral condition. As our patient, you will be empowered to make the best decisions for your overall health. Learn more.

Your Health

We recognize the role your dental health plays in your overall wellness and provide care to enhance both. With a comfortable office and caring staff, our holistic approach to oral health allows us to identify and treat the cause of problems; not just fix teeth. You will get personalized care tailored to your individual dental needs, so that your overall health is enriched as well.

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Dr. Gross is the first dentist that I’ve had where I feel safe and can just relax. She’s not satisfied with good-she strives for excellence. I am so happy to have my new smile. Dr. Gross’ staff is friendly & professional. I highly recommend her & her clinic.


Dr. Gross worked with me and an orthodontist to create a plan tailored specifically to my circumstances. It took more than two years to complete, including moving some of my teeth with braces before veneers were applied. She was so patient and so gentle and I am so thrilled with the results.


Dr. Gross has been a blessing. She has taken time, effort and patience to address my unique dental needs. She has explained the entire process, from getting my adult teeth into place with braces to when the crowns could be placed on the implants. With so many teeth needing to be replaced and my limited funds, Dr. Gross has worked with me for almost five years. Her knowledge, advocacy for me as a patient, and her genuine caring attitude has been priceless, and has put me at ease for a process I dreaded. Barb, her office manager, the other office staff and technicians have always been helpful, accommodating and caring. Together, they make a not-so-fun experience bearable and as comfortable as possible.


Dr. Gross always took extra time to explain the process piece by piece. And due to the very delicate nature of how a person’s front teeth contribute to their overall smile, Dr. Gross made sure that the final look was exactly what I wanted. The results speak for themselves, my new front teeth are beautifully crafted and fit perfect with my wide-eye smile. I have to thank Dr. Gross and all of staff for the time, energy, and smiles that went behind my now very grown-up teeth!


I will be receiving my undergrad degree in the next few months, which has led to me to look back on some of the more important experiences in my life to date. Having a smile I can be proud if is one of those experiences. Now is a good time for me to say thank you for the amazing job you have done managing my oral health over pretty much my entire life.


Dr. Gross is a talented and skillful dentist. Her team makes you feel welcome from the minute you walk in the door. I live in Wisconsin, and my daughter recommended her to me. Her care fits in with my well-rounded lifestyle of staying in shape and being the best I can be physically. She is a great, painless dentist. Dental care is an important part of the balance of my life. It’s just another part of that lifestyle. And it’s always been a good experience here.

Don continues to come to Dr. Gross’s office from Wisconsin because he values our approach to dental care that focuses on overall health and wellbeing.


When I think of Dr. Gross, I think of professionalism, I think of compassion, and how she is so meticulous in how she approaches my dental care. I have a pretty complex medical and dental history, and her ability to pull together a team of experts to really resolve all of those issues has dramatically improved my quality of life.

I have known Dr. Gross for nearly 30 years, and met her as a referral from a friend. I’ve had such good care that it was a natural choice to then bring my family here. I would highly recommend Dr. Gross, and have already recommended her. She has tremendously impacted my life.

Janele has continued to choose Dr. Gross’s dental care for nearly 30 years and entrusts our clinic with her family’s oral health care as well.


Dr. Gross’s care has made my life. I really had a lot of work to be done, amazing work, and she just took care of it one step at a time. I’ve known Susan for about 12 years.

She is so thorough. She really focuses on you and listens to you. She has a huge backup team—if she has a question about what should be done, what could be done or what’s possible, she’ll consult with other specialists in the field. I really like how she manages it all, and how she manages me.

Mary has relied on Dr. Gross for more than 10 years, and continues to benefit from our industry connections and coordinated partnerships. Her care is completely personalized and managed by Dr. Gross herself.


I feel very comfortable coming to see Dr. Gross, and I’m here on a regular basis getting dental care. The office is wonderful; my hygienist is spectacular. I feel very well cared for, which is extremely important to me and my profession.

I play a woodwind instrument with the Minnesota Orchestra. In my work, my mouth is really important in forming embouchure and playing. It’s been critical for me to have good dental care.

If I were to refer a colleague or friend to Dr. Gross, I would say, ‘you’re in good hands.’

Marni is a musician with the Minnesota Orchestra, and her career depends on complete and thorough oral health care. She relies on Dr. Gross’s approach to help keep her profession in peak condition.


Though many people compliment me on my large smile, nobody knows the extensive process I went through from the age of 12, when we discovered that I was missing my lateral incisors. Dr. Gross worked endlessly with my parents, an outstanding orthodontist, and a talented periodontist. Collaboratively, they provided me with several retainers containing false teeth, braces (twice), a few mouth surgeries, a bone graft, and lastly the procedure to make my false teeth permanent. It was a considerably long process, but thanks to Dr. Gross and my parents who generously paid for every procedure, I was able to complete all of my operations before I went off to college. I may have complained about endless dentist appointments and braces at the time, but I could not be more grateful for my seemingly priceless smile today.


We are a three generational family receiving high quality care from Susan Gross, DDS. As a senior member of the family, I had very complex dental problems. Dr. Susan Gross was able to solve my problems with her knowledge of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. She has given me back my smile!


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